Edy T. Johnson, Storytelling Prompt Contributor

EdyEdy T. Johnson

Storytelling Prompt Contributor

Edy’s storytelling grandmother set the stage for her intrigue with elders’ life stories and stories told by the Invisible Poets. Edy contributed a storytelling prompt (below), and from this image, the storytellers crafted a fascinating tale called Mrs. Butler’s Adventure into Animal World (coming soon to invisiblepoets.org) about a soft-spoken talk show host who poses the most unpredictable questions to her special guest.


Edy T Johnson is a “small town gal,” the daughter of a preacher and teacher. She is the eldest of her eight siblings. After completing nursing school she served in the army nurse corps and is a Vietnam veteran (1968-69). She went back to college and earned a B.A. in journalism, and then went back to Vietnam to work with orphans. Meanwhile, she remained in army reserve, mobilized for Desert Storm, married a widower, and homeschooled their son through high school. Edy has been a columnist for decades with her monthly church newsletter. She loves writing poetry, especially sonnets, and storytelling “parables.” You can read her work at FaithWriters. Her nursing experience ranges from labor and delivery to elder care, but soldiers remain her most favorite patients.

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